Sandoval challenges legislators to adequately fund education March 19th, 2015

CARSON CITY — Gov. Brian Sandoval sat alone Wednesday at a witness table and challenged lawmakers to come together and adequately fund education and propel Nevada into a 21st century economy.

“Today is the day,” the Republican governor told members of the Senate Revenue and Assembly Taxation committees in a packed hearing room.

The unprecedented proceeding included testimony by three former governors — Democrats Bob Miller and Richard Bryan, and Republican Bob List — who echoed Sandoval’s call for a stable tax structure and commitment to education.

“For too long we have pursued the holy grail of low taxes,” said Bryan, who urged legislators to “seize the opportunity.”

List said Nevada’s education system is an embarrassment.

“This is not about your next election,” he told lawmakers. “This is about the next generation.”

Miller called on lawmakers to “step up to the plate” and “hit it out of the park.”

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