$486 Million More For Education
Without Raising Taxes


Total Education Spending Has Increased $486 Million Over The Last Two Years – Without Raising Taxes.

The Governor’s budget includes over $120 million in additional funding for:

  • All-day kindergarten
  • English language learners
  • Class size reduction
  • Millennium Scholarship

Smaller class sizes

$374.5 Million for Class Size Reduction in K-3 and $30 million for an expansion of all-day kindergarten, providing 199 schools throughout Nevada with an all-day kindergarten option with reduced class size.

Funding For English Language Learners

The first Nevada Governor to dedicate funds to English language learners—totaling $50 million for ELL.

School Choice Scholarships

Proposed a school choice scholarship funded through business tax incentives that will provide lower income students with more freedom to attend private and religious schools.

Stand With Governor Sandoval

More education funding. No New Taxes.